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Dilbert is the office rite

Caught up in a strip cartoon
Flunkies marching to the tune

Bent up
Back words
In a cesspool

Great pretenders
Yes men
Choking packs and
Puffing Kools

Wound up
On a reel
Rowing in a phishing boat

Whirling round
Going down
Pointless people
Blowing smoke

Idiotic thinking
Acting on a stage
Walking on a fine line
In a masquerade

Checking out the strange day
In a Kafkaesque play

Lifeboat sinking
Jokers do the tricking

The clutter and the chatter
Playing hooks and ladders

Piece of mind
Wasting time

I do not seem
To fit the part
Directors watch
Pretending art

I’ve crossed the line
Where slogans play
Across the front
On corporate hats
So I stepped along a different path
Ane slipped into tesseract

by Joseph K


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