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Wonder Wall

I sat in a room watching the wall
As if I were waiting for something to fall

On top of the wall by the fly that I shooed
A pastoral painting of a green forest grew

I wondered why I sat
So long as I did
Only to keep
The blue secrets I hid

Beyond the forest and under the sky
Stood a cypress tree that was more than alive

With a whispering sound at the edge of the sea
I saw worlds collide in the ocean of trees

To safeguard the secrets I cleverly keep
Flocks of dreams grazed in my sleep

As the cypress tree was sweeping in peace
Words in my head turned to blank-paper sheets

Back in the room where my head was erased
Collections of books sat in a case

I looked in the case for something to read
As herds of elephants began to stampede

As I read through my books and imagined it all
My thoughts began rushing like clear waterfalls

And as I awoke to a strange raven’s caw
There was really something or nothing at all
The secrets were tucked in my big wonder wall

by kevin hite

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