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The Sculpture


In ages long now past, in days of alchemy, talismans, ancient wisdom, and philosophies, a castle arose with certain stature, above the villages and green valleys.

Within the halls of the castle keep, a sacred chamber where art was formed from enlightened thoughts of an artist born as clever as one can ever be. Once the only son of a carpenter, his attention now turned to stone.

The sculptor awoke.

He found himself lying face down amidst chips, fragments and cold powder dust. As he raised a dreary head, the artist beheld a golden-brown and blue mysterious base of tremendous proportions.

He painfully stumbled up from the floor of fine dusty dreams and fell entranced by the gleam of his creation. It was something that should not be.

His eyes slowly climbed toward the summit, straining to envision the wholeness of the strangely carved pillar as it slipped into the great heights of hidden spaces above.

When he finally came to grips with the transcendent beauty and intelligence of the strange obelisk, he began to sob. Softly he wept. Never loud, but deeply, as though it all came from a perfect stillness inside.

In the distant background, the sound of chanting echoed from a monastery, as if to bless the holy life of the lone creative stone.

Not a thought of how, or why, or even when…but it was his carving, his magnum opus, of this he was certain. The pains in his wrists and a drained soul told him it was.

Statue of motionless life, breath of sublime, suspended from the heavens to rest on hollowed grounds.

In a moment between the heart beats of time, the artist knew that he was guided to perform one last majestic task.

The hammer swung with a fury and mighty force, down upon the incarnate soul of himself…

Existence ends…born to resurrection in cycles once and again and again.

by kevin hite

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