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I place you in heart
And on pedestal high
I say the Earth shall surely know
This vasting ocean swell I owe

Beautiful, mystical landscapes and seas
Forever flowing eternal spring
Sanctify scathed words I bring:

I was taken back at high velocity
Through a pressure sealed in fate
Like a snapshot below the belt
Too low to be
As memories fade
And become too late

You to me this piercing darker strand
I stand alone and from my brow
Droplets of blood
Wounds and salty waters bleed

Connected forever
Forever unbound
The Earth
Intertwined with a healing warm breeze
And the sacred landscape of nature’s
Mountains and trees

Subtle, impalpable thoughts behold
The irresistible, sweet and perfect soul

The stars and the moon and I within you
Supernal mass of the Earth
I cannot forget
The peace you imbue

by kevin hite


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